So I Caved

Y’all have really gone and done it now.

Thanks to the relentless provocation of friends and enemies alike, I have finally become an “aniblogger.” The engines have started, the spurs are digging into the horse’s backside, the treads are rolling and crushing the fertile earth below; pick a metaphor and pray, it makes no difference. You wanted me on a platform uninhibited by a character limit? Well then, this is an apocalypse of your own making. 

On a less playful note, I’m looking forward to learning this platform and using it to share a thing or two about anime and anime-related content. I might even consider publishing shorter, original creative work on this site that I don’t mind losing to the public domain. For now though, I simply want to announce that this space exists and that it will be used somewhat infrequently. But it will be used, at least.

My first real post should hopefully come out within the next two weeks, and it will cover my journey over the past year as a neophyte in the world of idol anime. If you have any tips for me regarding WordPress and its editor, website construction, or anything at all about blogging, please let me hear them over on Twitter. Y’all know where to find me: @DanielsansLions

Anyways, thanks for reading my silly announcement. I’m looking forward to sharing more with y’all soon. 




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